Our first "Major" tournament, The Helen Open, was held on June 1st and June 2, with plenty of water!!  It was a challenge as it had to be played backwards due to the flooding and conditions were somewhat challenging to say the least.  All players did a phenomenal job of cooperating.  THANK YOU!

It was a members only , 36 hole stroke play event.  Todd Burger was the victor and now wears the 2019 Green Meadows Net Stroke Play Champions crown.  Marv Hicks took 2nd place and also the 2019 Senior Net Stroke Play Champion's title.  Congratulations to them and to all participants.  

Check out complete results at the link to the left.

REGISTER NOW for the 2019 GUNNERS - Our 2nd major tournament.  A 2 day Member/Guest affair featuring foursomes playing 'Scrambles' on Saturday June 29, and 2 Best Balls of four on Sunday June 30.  Foursomes MUST have a minimum of 2 guests but CAN have 3.  
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  or sign up at the Pro Shop.

Sign up now!  Registration is now open and available at the club for the member's 2019 Match Play Championship.  Registration deadline is June 26.  Sign up in the stairwell or by email.  See the link at the left for full information.  It is a major tournament! 

Reminder -
When you sign up yourself or a team for any tournament, you MUST provide a complete (and recognizable) name.  If the registrant does not have a Green Meadows handicap, you must provide a phone number to validate an acceptable handicap.  Check at the pro shop counter if your player has a GM handicap.  Also, indicate if you or your player choose to play from the front (Yellow) tees.   Thank you! 

*Major* Tournaments - Result in added 'Spitz Cup' points.  The points report at the left has been updated through the Helen Open Tournament and handicap postings through June 14, 2019.  See the 'Tournament Rules' for details on the Spitz Cup points. 


Future Tournaments


7/13 Green Meadows 3s  

Threesomes with a minimum of 1 guest.  All holes are par 3 on this new GM layout.  18 hole Shambles (Best Drive).

7/26 thru 7/28  38th Klaiss Davis 
Member/guest twosomes.  3 day event.  Stay tuned for the exciting details!  It will be THE showcase event of the year for Green Meadows!!

8/16  Murdock Open  
Member/Member twosomes.  Play 6-6-6, Scramble, 1 Best Ball of Two, and Alternate Shot.

8/25 Quota Tournament
Foursomes with a minimum of 1 guest.  A wrinkle on the   stableford format.  You start with a quota (36 minus your tournament handicap) and build your score by scoring points against that.

9/7    Wingman
Twosomes, member/member or member/guest.  Best Ball!
End the ‘Spitz Cup’ Season

9/28  Spitz Cup
Invitational based on Spitz Cup points.  Ryder Cup format.


10/12 Halloween Scrambles
All players are welcome. Handicapped scrambles format. Shotgun start at 9:00 AM.

11/2  BIG  HOLE Scramble:
All players are welcome.  Scramble format with some fun wrinkles.

Email or call with any questions.  Use the 'Contact Us' link at the left!!



Revised handicaps for June 15, 2019 are now posted at the left.

Our season has begun ...

Score cards for handicaps are now being accepted at the counter at Green Meadows Golf Course.  Remember you earn "Spitz Cup" points for every score card turned in and posted.  NINE hole scores from rounds played at Green Meadows are now accepted. 


Here are the requirements for submitting scorecards for posting to establish and maintain a Green Meadows Handicap:

Acceptable:18 hole scores from Green Meadows or any course listed in the USGA "National Course Rating and Slope Database."  9 hole scores will be accepted from Green Meadows Golf Course only (new for 2019)!

  1. Scores will be accepted for rounds played from April1, 2019 through October 31, 2019.  (The Michigan golf season)
  2. Scorecard requirements:
    1. Name, date of play, the tees played, and hole by hole scores must be clearly provided.
    2. The round must be played with at least one other person in compliance with USGA rules.
    3. All hole scores are subject to equitable stroke control (ESC) adjustment.
  3. All scorecards must be turned in at the Green Meadows golf counter in a timely manner.
  4. All scores obtained in a Green Meadows tournament when you play your own ball will be designated a tournament (T) score.
  5. Handicaps will be posted on the bulletin board and at this website, revised twice monthly.

NOTICE:  Your WHITE TEE and your YELLOW TEE handicaps are posted.

The 1st column after your name is your INDEX, followed by your WHITE TEE [W] handicap then your YELLOW TEE [Y] handicap.

1.    Use [W] when playing from the white tees.

2.    Use [Y] when playing from the yellows.

3.    When you are playing in competition with another player that is on a ‘different’ tee, then, and only then, should you subtract 4 from your [Y] handicap.

Alternatively, you can add 4 onto the player that is on the [W] tee.

Because of this change, the Ladies handicaps have been separated out to a special report.  The Ladies report still shows the Yellow Tee handicap only.  Any questions should be referred to Tim Katanski or Dick Tangeman.