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2019 Men's League Update

Welcome to the 2019 season
of the 

Cubby Hurlbut Men's Twilite League.

The regular season is complete and due to rainout we will only have 1 week of playoffs, 9/11and then Calcutta with banquet on 9/18.
                                                    2019 PLAYOFF FORMAT    
There will only be one round of the playoffs, and it will go back to the format from the past 2 years. The first place winners from each group (Dukes Fitness, JNC Construction, Fiddlehead, and Handy Cadillac) will play each other for the championship, with each teams #1 players playing each other starting on hole 1, then #2 starting on hole 1, the #3 players will start on hole 2, and the #4 players will start on hole 2.  There will be 3 matches scored within each match, and the winner will be the team with the most total points.   There will also be matches for each place within the groupings.   Group 1 2nd place will play group 4 2nd place, group 2 2nd place will play group 3 2nd place,  the team that earns the most points in the matches of 2nd places will be the 2nd place match winner.  There will be matches for all other places just like the 2nd place matches with Group 1 playing Group 4 and Group 2 playing Group 3.  

The playoff payouts are
Champion $200
2nd Place $140
3rd Place $80
4th Place $60
The winner of each of the other Overall Place matches will get $50, i.e. the winner of the 2nd place teams, 3rd place teams, 4th place teams, 5th place teams and 6th place teams, so everyone still has a chance for $50.


Final Results of 2018 Playoffs
1st Flight - 
Poquette, NFP,Fiddlehead,  Handy Cars
2nd Flight - Handy Cad.,

DMC, 5 Star Tinting,Rowley Fuels
3rd Flight - JNC, Rock, Diversified Svcs, Collins Land
4th Flight - Swimmers, R.I.G., Lightning II,PTC
5th Flight - Dirty Divots, Dufaults, Deringer, New Jacks
6th Flight - Team 8:55, Derry Const, Peerless, AM Peisch

Please Check the Team Pairing Sheet above for the starting holes

If you know your lineup for the week please access the weekly signup sheet link above to report it to Mike Swim.



CCC Member Guest - First Round Tee Times

CCC Member Guest - First Round Tee Times - Alpha List



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