League Information


Play starts Monday May 4th, 2020 @ 5:30 P.M. (Weekly Shotgun Start)
We will play every Monday but Monday May 25th (Memorial Day). We play 16 weeks total, 15 weeks of regular season matches & Championships the Final week.

Teams must have 4 golfers every week:
$25.00 per man $100.00 per Team (1/2 cart fees are not included)

16 week pre-paid punch cards are available for purchase before the season, which would cover all regular season matches plus the League Championship/year-end scramble.
Passes cost $400 ($25.00 x 16 weeks), and can also be used for regular Twilight rounds. These rounds do not include cart.

You will be charged for four golfers each week ($100.00) whether you have them or not. Players will pay individually every Monday night in the golf shop, or over the phone anytime before 5:00 PM that day. Credit card information is also able to be stored by GolfNow in order to make this process faster.

Each Team will be required to pay $200 as a deposit to secure your team a spot in the league. Any no shows each week will be taken out of the $200 deposit. Any money remaining from the deposit will be returned at the year end Banquet.

◦ Monday June 8th will be the Burger Night in the Grille following that night’s play.
◦ Monday June 22nd will be the end of the first half
◦ Monday August 17th will be the end of the second half
◦ Monday August 24th will be our Final Night - League Championship and Year-End Scramble, followed by the Year End Banquet and prizes.
◦ Immediately after golf, please turn your filled out scorecard in to the Oak Marsh Golf Shop Staff. Make sure your names and team names are on the cards.

We will do our best to notify golfers in advance in case of inclement weather and cancelling league night if there is a guaranteed wash-out. If we do decide to cancel, we will contact team captains who will then be responsible for relaying the message to the golfers on their team who are playing that week.

Thank you all and we are looking forward to another great season!

League Manager: Justin Tschida
651-730-8886 x3

Scoring Breakdown:

• Every week, the active players of that league night will be ranked in order of lowest handicap to highest handicap, with the lowest handicap being the “A” Player and the highest handicap being the “D” Player.
• If you have a sub that has not played before, please report their handicap before the round otherwise it will be marked as 0.
• The “A” and “B” Players will be grouped with the “A” and “B” Players of the team they are playing against, and the same goes for the “C” and “D” Players.
• If you cannot find a sub and do not have 4 players for the week, please let the golf shop know in advance and we will put in a “ghost” player. The “ghost” will always be the “D” player, and will always shoot a net 40 (+5). If you do not let the golf shop know in advance that there will be a no-show, the points for that player’s match are automatically awarded to the opposing player.
• Every golfer will play their own ball, and scores will be marked on the designated scorecard for the match, picked up in the golf shop upon check-in. Please mark down the actual score (3,4,5, etc.) and not the score relating to par (+1,+2,+3, etc.)
• Please make sure everyone looks over the scores at the end of the round to double check for accuracy, as well as making sure everyone’s names are correctly written down. If there are 2 people with the same name please use last initials as well.
• 2 points can be scored in each match. 1 individual point is for having the lower net score between you and your opponent, and 1 individual point is for beating your opponent in match play using net scores. This is determined in the league program afterwards, so there is no need to mark it on your scorecard.
• With 4 matches each week, your team can score a maximum of 8 individual points. The 9th point is a team point, scored by having a lower total net score than the other team.
• The 1st place team after 8 weeks will be the winner of the 1st Half, then points will be reset and the 1st place team after the next 7 weeks will be the winner of the 2nd Half. These 2 teams will play each other on the Final Night for the League Championship, using the same scoring format as the regular season.
• If the same team wins both the 1st and 2nd Half, the 2nd highest scoring team of the entire season will be in the League Championship Match.

If there are any questions regarding league setup or scoring, feel free to contact the Golf Shop by email at om@oakmarshgolf.com or by phone at 651-730-8886 ex. 3.