Spring/Summer Partners  ~  Better Ball

2014 The Gallery

Gross: Kelly Loeb and Sherry Mattiussi (Omni Tucson Nation and Ventana)
Net: Frieda Gutshall and Meredith Anderson-Rice (The Gallery)

2015 Quail Creek Country Club

Gross: Rose Rubio and Nancy Quesenberry (Desert Hills)
Net: Nancy Hardin and Eva Prince (WWGL)

2017 Oro Valley Country Club

Gross: Judy Penman and Cindy Cody
Net: Joyce DeYoung and Cheri Alfrey


                                                                 2019        Canoa Ranch


                                                                                 Gross: Lana Archer and Barbara Bennett

                                                                                 Net: Elissa Helfers and Lynne Janis