2020 Events



Spring Summer Partners - Better Ball
May 11 and 12, 2020
Entry Fee $145.00 pp



We have been hoping to host the SDWGA Spring Partners on May 11/12 midst this COVID-19 strife.  And, although Sewailo is opening a week earlier than originally planned, they have assured us they will continue with tee time formats and no large group gatherings throughout the month of May.  This means that our goal of socializing, having a luncheon together, and meeting other SDWGA members will not be met.  All of us can go out and play Sewailo on our own; it’s the camaraderie that makes SDGWA Spring Partners an event!  So, we’ve made the decision to CANCEL the May 11/12 dates but we are in the process of TRYING to RESCHEDULE the event for some time in early July or possibly August –and—we’ll make it a one day event rather than two days due to the heat.  We realize this may not work for everyone, but we feel it’s still such a popular event for those of us who are here year-round, and we need something positive to look forward to coming out of this coronavirus negativity!  

Thank you for your patience during this difficult and trying time for all of us.  Stay healthy!

Your SDWGA Board




Fall Partners
Arizona National
November 9 and 10, 2020



$130.00 pp



        2021 Events


Winter Scotch     February 22     Tucson Country Club

Spring Partners      May 10 & 11     Oro Valley Country Club

Fall Partners     November 15 & 16     San Ignacio