Stableford Scoring     Events      the Race




Points are awarded as follows:


                                     1 point for a bogey          2 points for a par          3 points for a birdie          5 points for an eagle


                                                                                        8 points for a double eagle





At each event the Tour will offer several games which are voluntary for the Members. We offer a gross and net score game for a $10.00 buy-in per game. We will have a skins game again gross and net with a $5.00 buy-in per game. The tour will make payouts with cash and gift cards (gift cards are from 2nd Swing)based on the number of participants in each event.The Tour will payout 100% of the funds in the game pool for each event.







Stableford scoring based on the points allocated above will be published (gross and net) after each event. This leaderboard will be maintained on the website. Please visit often and see where you stand all season long.