Member Guest Scramble Picnic

Darleen Tripcony & Genny Sheppard

Cheryl Badger & Marian LaVelle

Nancy McNally

Sandra Gensler and Dawn Barnett

Terry Brimhall, Kim McNatt, Karen Nilisson & Lenny Peterson

Bob & Tina Mongrain and Cheryl Badger

Ralph & Elaine Schroeder

Carolyn Ross & Gigi Spearman

Welcome to the Picnic

Carol Beaudoin, Ciny Hagan and Debbie & Dave Hammond

Liza Broom

Gerri Miezio and Bill Carbaugh

Bill & Marie Mason and Doris Lenox

The Village Wahines

Some of the many winners

Thank You

Mary Kay Latick, Marie Mason, Sheila Hill & Sandy Madsen

Linda Houck, Jackie Kadane, Nancy McNally & Mickey Petrollini

Cathy & Ron Felger, Sonja Griggs & Virginia Ellison

Polly Weaver, Alexander Buford, Vicki Carlson & Sue White

Luncheon Committee

Jill Adams and Jann Grace

Our President Cheryl Badger & Vice President Karen Feckler

Debbie Hammond & Marian LaVelle

Our Leprechaun Leaders

New Members with Cheryl Badger

Fun Table of Ladies Enjoying the Luncheon

Cindy Hagan and Sandy Edmonson

deirfiúracha - Irish Sisters

Luncheon Speaker Mary Jane Platt of S & P Golf and Jill Adams

Karen Feckler leading us in the Lady Duffer Song

Cheryl Badger & Marian LaVelle

Kay Dunn and Carol Beaudoin

Our President - Cheryl Badger

Vice President, Karen Feckler & President, Cheryl Badger

New Members

A Full House!

Lady Duffer of the Year - Dawn Barnett

Eagle Award - Connie Liepens

John Messer Award - Jill Adams

Pat Becker, Teresa Micelli, Linda Washington & Doris Meins

Debbie and David Hammond

Gerri and Doug Miezio

Kim townsan and Marian LaVelle

Nancy McNally collecting mulligan money

Tom and Cheryl Badger

Treats made by Diane of Casa Coronado

Diane of Casa Coronado

Sandie Fields, Cheryl Badger & Linda Washington

Char Greil, Richard Alan, Karen & Kurt Nilsson & Ken Bridges

Julie Keck & Ed Reinsch

Linda and Al Houck

Kurt & KarenNilsson, Kim McNatt & Lenny Peterson

Our Walkers!

Linda Houck - Luncheon Chair

Reading of the Golf Trivia Rules

Executive Board Playing Golf Trivia

Door Prize Winner

Door Prize Winner

Door Prize Winner

Singing the Duffer song

Cheryl Badger & Marian LaVelle

Sandy Madsen looking over a "Full House"

Pat Becker

Marian LaVelle

2018 New Members

2018 (More) New Members

Sandy Madsen

Virginia Ellison

2017 Outgoing Board

2017 Incoming Board

Kay Dunn - 2017 John Messer Award winner

Marie Mason 2017 Lady Duffer of the Year Award

Norma Coffell - Fall Luncheon Coordinator

Committee Set Up and Ready to Go

Marie Mason

Pattie Stuber

Pattie Stuber and Mary Langston

Starter Shirley Johnson

Jan Henson, Carolyn Ross & Lu Byrnes

Patti Sheppard & Linda Houck

Sue Gesaman & Linda Bledsoe

Past President - Sandy Madsen

Nancy McNally collecting Mulligan money

Flight A - 1st Place - Linda & Ted Hommema

Flight A - 2nd Place - Hella & Vernon Cass

Flight A - 3rd Place - Catherine & Bobby Bledsoe

Flight B - 1st Place - Joyce & Paul Hayek

Flight B - 2nd Place - Kay & Donald Dunn

Flight B - 3rd Place - Cheryl & Tom Badger

Flight C - 1st Place - Mary & Paul Langston

Flight C - 2nd Place - Sonja & Gary Griggs

Flight C - 3rd Place - Linda Bledsoe & Son-in-law, John Benedict

Flight D - 1st Place - Debbie & Dave Hammond

Flight D - 2nd Place - Sandy & Byron Madsen

Flight D - 3rd Place - Karen & Kurt Nilsson (not pictured)

Millie Connelly wins the 50/50 Raffle - Happy Birthday Millie!

Good Friends - Jan and Peggy

Sam Spearman - Leading us in Prayer

Lots of good desserts!

Lady Duffers enjoying lunch at Desoto Club

More Lady Duffers enjoying lunch at Desoto Club

Linda Bledsoe with daughter-in-law Catherine Bledsoe at Desoto Golf Club

Catherine Bledsoe, Linda Bledsoe, Roberta Minnick, Lu Byrnes & Jackie Kadane enjoying 4 Person Best Ball Scramble at Desoto Golf Course

Cake baked by Diane

Jan Henson, Anne Webster & Marian LaVelle

Luncheon/Fall - Linda Washington

Jeanine & David Preboski

Kathy & Dave Gati

Linda Roper & Doris Meins

Sandy Madsen & Sandy Edmonson

Virginia Ellison & Fran Bazemore

Susan & Gordon White, Anne Webster & Char Greil

Water Cooler

Virginia Ellison

Lynda Bledsoe & Karen Nilsson

Pat Becker

Teresa Micelli and Sandy Madsen

Oh My Score Was Awful

Anne Webster receiving her 10-17-17 Birdie Pin from President, Sandy Madsen

Roberta Minnick

Martha Altom - 2016 John Messer Award Winner

Cathy Felger - 2016 Lady Duffer of the Year and Eagle Awards. Cathy also had a Hole-In-One.

2017 Executive Board: Sandy Edmonson, Past President; Sandy Madsen, President, Karen Feckler, Vice President; Cathy Felger, Secretary & Mary Kay Hoff, Treasurer

Nancy McNally & Barb Paprocki

Virginia Ellison & Barb Paprocki

Julie Keck & Debbie Hammond at the Starters Table

Jan Henson Organizing the cookies

Flight A - 1st Place - Sandy & Larry Edmonson

Fligh A - 2nd Place - Tom & Evelyn Donnelly (Not Pictured)

Flight A - 3rd Place - Marie & Bill Mason

Flight B - 1st Place - Keith & Stephanie Hicklin

Flight B - 2nd Place - Jeanine & David Preboski

Flight B - 3rd Place - Betty Derryberry & Nester Dokousian

Flight C - 1st Place - Norma & Charlie Coffell

Flight C - 2nd Place - Sonja & Gary Griggs (not pictured)

Flight C - 3rd Place - Mary & Paul Langston (not pictured)

Flight D - 1st Place - Debbie & Dave Hammond

Flight D - 2nd Place - Byron & Sandy Madsen

Flight D - 3rd Place - Maureen Morley & John Guida (John not pictured)

Duffer Baby Cohen Neathery

Here he is! Duffer Baby Cohen, son of Lady Duffer Tana Neathery.

New Members