The John Messer Memorial Award,
going to the Most Improved Lady Duffer of the year,
was created in 2010 in honor of John Messer, a well known athlete and golf pro in the Hot Springs area. 
As an avid supporter of Lady Duffers, John would occasionally come out to the course to instruct "his ladies" in putting and chipping.
John passed away December of 2009.

YEAR                Lady Duffer

2018                        JILL ADAMS

2017                        KAY DUNN

2016                        MARTHA ALTOM

2015                        KAREN FECKLER

2014                        DORIS MEINS

2013                        GIGI SPEARMAN

2012                        DIANNE SCHALL AND KATHY WITT (Tie)

2011                        VICKI CARLSON

2010                        ROBIN NORSKOG

2009                        PEGGY FARNSWORTH

2008                        PATTIE MELIK