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Today's play took place at WOODMONT. We exercised as much SOCIAL DISTANCING as we could.
All went well.  Greens were in excellent condition and a bit fast. 
Perfect weather conditions made for a great day to be outdoors playing golf.
We had a total of EIGHT skins, each worth $5.  Lets start off with our TRIPLE DIPPER.
Hole # 5 - 10 - and 17 were won by Xavier Palmer with a net 3 - a net 2 - and a net 3.
Hole # 3 went to Mike Velayo with a net 1.
Hole # 6 with a net 2 was Freddie Morales.
Hole # 8 was won by John Marquis with a net 3.
Hole # 14 went to Greg Coyle with a net 2.
Hole # 15 was won by Jerry Judd with a net 3

TEAM event was with a clear cut winner for FIRST PLACE:
Mike Velayo and Mike Williams (blind draw) had a nifty 58. Good for $50.
SECOND PLACE with a 60 was Roland Roy and John Marquis. Taking in $40.
THIRD PLACE recording a 61 was Xavier Palmer and Jerry Judd.  Bringing home $30.

Rounding out the scoring was:

Freddie Morales/Greg Coyle 63
Ed Limoli/Mike Williams 64
Paul Dunham/Bob Lashley 65
Celio Lucchese/Dan Rendleman 67
Tony Scherrer/Sharon Cohen 68
Paul Butt/Frank Maguire 73

And that's the way it was for this WEDNESDAY, March 18th 2020.

Be well, be healthy and be VIRUS FREE.
Ta Da