Our club has designated three tournaments as MAJORS!
Directors Cup, Ryder Cup and Club Championship.

The Director's Cup

This tournament is a handicapped match play event played across all classes.
Top 32 qualifiers get in and individual matches are played over the course of a few weeks.
The players schedule the matches and will do so in GOOD SPORTMANSHIP.
Champion and runner up will be awarded!

The Ryder Cup

 This tournament is a handicapped team event played over 2 days. Two captains and assistant captains will draft their teams from the players who signed up.
Day 1 will be played as two man teams in "best ball" and "alternate shot"  9 hole matches.
Day 2 will be all singles matches.
 "WINNERS" take all.
Entry fee and after party!

The Club Championships 

This tournament is the culmination of our year.
Each class will crown a champion and runner up.
 Played as two 18 hole scratch rounds over two days.
OPEN, A, B, C classes (you can move up but not back in class).
       A Net Division will be decided on a yearly basis! 
Entry fee and after party!