Twin Willows Monday Night Men's League




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2019 Registration Meeting:  Monday, April 8 at 7 PM


 Club Champions 2018



A    Jordan Miller

B    Paul Ferg

C    Kevin Alexandrowich

D    Ken Chapman

E    Steve Whitehead

F     Scott Murray

G     Don Brown

H     Chris Sorenson

I      Larry Gazzola



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so that
 you can track your handicap, and to get your official handicap card.  If you forgot your username and password, and/or new members, please email me at                           



Format in 2018

10 points just for showing up
Net stableford points per hole: ie: 2 pts net par, 3 pts net birdie, etc..
Points awarded based on net score within your flight: ie: 20 pts for first, 15 pts for second, 10 pts for third, 5 pts for fourth.


  The pot for each week in 2017 was $160. Registration costs $90 for the year, and is optional.  Each week, all participating players play for a piece of the pot, (skin).  A skin is won by having the lowest score on a hole without a tie. The pot each week is split depending on how many skins were won.  If a skin is not won outright, the money carries over to the next week, making it a $320 pot.




Men's OPEN 2018

Congratulations to Joe Perry for winning the 2018 Men's Open.

 The 2018 Men's Open  Aug. 18-19        

Club Championship 2018

2018 CLUB CHAMPION:  Jordan Miller

The Club Championship for 2018 will again be a hybrid of two formats that have been used over the last number of years. The top 4 players in each flight will qualify to compete in match play to determine the Club Champion for each flight.  All matches will be 9 holes, except the Championship Flight, which will be 18 holes. Player 1 will play Player 4, and Player 2 will play Player 3 in each flight. Ties will be awarded to the higher seeded player. Winners of the matches in the semi-finals will advance to the finals the following week.