General Meeting Minutes

                                                                            PEBBLEBROOK MEN'S GOLF CLUB
                                                                  GENERAL MEETING MINUTES JANUARY 21, 2020
                                                                    JOHNSON RECREATION CENTER, SOCIAL HALL


Meeting called to order by David Eikner at 08:30:

  • Attendees: David Eikner, Mark Gingrich, Jim Anderson (excused), Dave Haen, Ken Oliphant, Dan Hern, Val Bennett, Steve Chaney, Ed Miller, Rick Eriksson.


    President’s Report:  David Eikner for Jim Anderson

  • Introduced current and new Board members: Rick Eriksson, Handicaps.Steve Chaney, Social.Ed Miller, Tournaments.
  • Informed the membership that three current Board members will term-out at the end of 2020.Asked for volunteers to step up and join the Board.
  • Acknowledged Mike Sproat for his new member orientation expertise.
  • There was a lot of discussion about the ongoing problems with the new World Handicap System, including issues/differences exist between AGA and Golf Genius.


Membership Report:  Dan Hern

  • Current 2020 AGA paid membership is 316 plus 1 social.
  • We started 2019 with 296 members and we finished with 338.


Treasurer’s Report:  Dave Haen

  • Reviewed the 2019 Operating Statement.The results are per the CR7 that is being audited and will be filed with the SCW Rec Center.
  • Described the audit process being conducted by Art Miller, a club member.
  • Our 2019 bank balance was $10,120.Total assets were $10,170.Liabilities were $6,616.2019 equity balance was $3,554.
  • Discussed the goal of reducing our equity balance to around $2,000 over the next several years.
  • Reviewed specific revenue ($20,549 total) and expense ($19,883 total) line items for 2019.
  • Reviewed proposed 2020 Operating Budget.Projected membership = 330.
  • Estimated revenue is $9,000.Estimated expenses are $9,885.Projecting a 2020 Operating loss of $885.This should reduce our equity balance by about half of the current overage.
  • MOTION MADE by Art Miller, seconded by Dave Campbell to approve the 2020 Operating Budget.MOTION PASSED.


Tournaments:  Ed Miller

  • Reviewed the 2020 tournament calendar and upcoming stroke play championship tournament.
  • As in years past, the best 3 rounds of the 5-week tournament will be used.
  • You must have an index of 10.0 or less to compete in the Club Championship.The last 3 weeks of play scores will be used to determine the Club Champion.


Handicap Report:  Rick Erikkson

  • Reviewed the many problems plaguing the new World Handicap system:
    • Posting is running 2-3 days late.
    • AGA staff is trying to help.
  • GHIN index serves as the basis for determining your course handicap.It will be totally different as the course handicap is adjusted based on the tees used and the course rating (difference from par 72).
  • Tuesday handicaps will be used for Wednesday play.
  • Players with a GHIN of 21.0+ can play from either white or gold tees.
  • What you decide in January will be the tees you play from for the entire year.


Social Report:  Steve Cheney

  • Next BBQ will be March 4th.
  • Handed out winners of the 50/50 Raffle:
    • $40Al Schenkelberg118796
    • $40Larry Klag 23541
    • $60Jim Whiter 72069
    • $60Rees Flint128892
  • Handed out golf balls and range keys as Door Prizes.


Guest Speaker:  Pat O’Hara

  • Consider your GHIN index as your ‘Traveling Handicap”.
  • Old index:Handicap index times slope rating divided by 113.
  • New handicap:Same as above PLUS Course rating (from tees you’re playing) minus par 72.
  • Pebblebrook white tee’s course rating of 68.6 lowers your index by 3.4.
  • That’s why we have seen such a drop in the course rating handicap.
  • Golf instruction has been taken in-house.Reid West no longer teaches on SCW courses.Reason given for decision: lower costs for SCW residents.


New Business:  David Eikner

  • Presented the Horserace concept and afforded members the opportunity to sign-up.
  • 2019 hole-in-one awarded to Bill Nesbitt for $676.
  • MOTION MADE by Dan Hern and seconded by Gene Jordan to raise the highest index for club play from 36 to 40.MOTION APPROVED.
  • Weather hotline text message signups are encouraged.


Meeting adjourned at 9:40 A.M.  Total meeting attendance 95.