PEBBLEBROOK MEN’S GOLF CLUB:  5/4/21 Board Meeting

Held in the Ocotillo room at Beardsley


Meeting called to order by David Eikner at 8:30 AM:

  • Attendees: David Eikner, Dave Haen, Ken Oliphant, Dan Hern, Rick Eriksson, Ed Miller and Lee Petrik.


Membership Report:  Dan Hern

  • We have 310 players and 1 social member that have paid their 2021 dues.Our membership was 335 in 2020.


Treasurer’s Report:  Dave Haen

  • Reviewed YTD Operating results. No surprises, we’re on budget.
  • David departs for the summer next week.The club checkbook was given to David Eikner.


Tournament Report:  Ed Miller

  • Ed and the Tournament Committee are almost done with the 2022 schedule.
  • The PGA tournament begins in two weeks.
  • Ed presented the idea to have an “Upcoming Events” space on the club’s bulletin board.The Board endorsed that idea.
  • Ed would like to have a tournament packet ready to hand out at the October 2021 General Meeting so members can begin to plan their schedules.
  • Ed said the Tournament Committee has been very helpful and thinks it should continue to be of service for the next Tournament Chair.
  • Ed is pondering adding a $5 skins game to the weekly low gross/low net games.Discussion followed on how funds could be collected (pay in advance, include in pouch, collect like another sweeps, etc.).Ed will discuss options with Pat O’Hara.
  • The Board congratulated Ed for his team’s hard work in developing new ideas.



Handicaps Report:  Rick Eriksson

  • Discussed the Most Improved Player Award idea further.
  • The award (a plaque and framed certificate) will be given to the most improved player (handicap percentage reduction).To be eligible for consideration, the player is required to be a PBMC member for the entire year and posted a minimum # of rounds (actual number TBD).
  • The Board reviewed and discussed the “Post All Scores” memo in much detail.It was agreed that it should come from the Board as opposed to Rick Eriksson.Ken and Rick agreed to edit it and forward to David Campbell or Val Bennett for an email blast to all members.


Social Report:  David Eikner

  • Steve Cheney has officially resigned from the Board.
  • Discussed ideas for a Fall BBQ event.David is going to investigate if having a Food Truck is affordable and doable.Also discussed having cooks from previous years “volunteer” to cook brats.


Old Business:  David Eikner

  • David confirmed that anyone who works for RCSCW is eligible to be an independent contractor.
  • David Eikner sent an email to a foursome that was reported to be giving each other gimmies last week during men’s club play.They will hole out going forward.
  • The Board is actively seeking new members.David Eikner has spoken to several individuals for the Treasurer opening.
  • In addition to Dave Haen (Treasurer), several other Board members’ terms expire at the end of the year.Ken Oliphant (Secretary), Mark Gingrich (Safety and Greens), Dan Hern (Membership) and the Social positions will become vacant.
  • Rick Eriksson, currently the Handicaps chair, will move to President next year.David Eikner recommended that new member Lee Petrik work with Rick so he can be ready to move into the Handicaps Chair next year.


    New Business:  David Eikner

  • David Campbell (our PBMC website guru) has reviewed the possibility of using the RCSCW website beginning this Fall.He informed David Eikner that we should proceed with this plan.
  • Our next Board meeting will be October 5, 2021 in the Ocotillo room.


Meeting adjourned at 10:00 AM.


Submitted by Ken Oliphant, Pebblebrook Men’s Golf Club Secretary