February 4, 2020




Meeting called to order by Jim Anderson at 08:00:

  • Attendees: Jim Anderson, Mark Gingrich, Dave Haen, Ken Oliphant, Dan Hern, Val Bennett, Steve Chaney, Ed Miller, Rick Eriksson.  David Eikner (excused).


    President’s Report:  David Eikner for Jim Anderson

  • Thanked everyone for filling in and helping during January.


Social:  Steve Cheney

  • Next BBQ will be March 4th.  Discussed menu; burgers, dogs, brats.

  • Volunteers needed to cook as catering costs are too high.

  • Discussion of socials for the remainder of 2020.


Treasurer’s Report:  Dave Haen

  • 2012 Financial Records will be destroyed, per SCW by-laws.

  • Reviewed copies of Financial Statements for 2020.

  • Dave has submitted audited CR-7 and CR-15 reports to SCW Rec. Dept.

  • Will buy 40 more range keys for 2020 General Meetings.


Vice President’s Report:  Jim Anderson for David Eikner

  • David attended his first Golf Council meeting in January.  Key highlights:

  • Two new SCW local rules will be posted on the club’s website:

    • One addresses back-on-the-line relief.

    • The other addresses replacement of damaged or broken clubs.

  • The new WHS caused issues for all clubs.  Common issue was bad information in databases.  Clubs using Golf Genius had fewer issues.

  • Reid West contract not renewed.  SCW is bringing all instruction in-house, using our six current instructors.  Focus will be on clinics and group lessons serving SCW residents.

  • Upgrading of irrigation systems is on hold pending upcoming state water restrictions.

  • Discussion of driving carts to close to greens, filling divots, raking bunkers.

  • Golf Council will hold election of new officers at next month’s meeting.


Tournaments:  Ed Miller

  • Discussion of club championship tournament.  Tomorrow’s probable frost delay will result in the tournament being shortened to best 3 of 4 rounds.

  • Due to Fall over-seeding schedule, tournament scheduled for 10/28 will now be a 4-man scramble while 11/18 will be an ABCD tournament.

  • Tournament format and rules procedures need to be put in writing.

  • Membership feedback suggests we should consider making changes to next year’s club championship format.  Ed Miller to form a tournament committee.

  • Discussion of upcoming Match Play tournament; no changes from past years.

  • Discussion of the Rules Committee formed in April 2018.  It should now include David Eikner (chair), board members, Pat O’Hara and Mark Adcock.

Membership Report:  Dan Hern

  • Current 2020 AGA paid membership is 323 plus 1 social. 

  • For the record, we started 2019 with 296 members and finished with 338.


Greens/Safety:  Mark Gingrich

  • New SCW alcohol does not impact the Club.

  • Talked to Pat O’Hara about PA’s picking up broken tees on teebox.

  • Discussed how to get members to help repair fairways and greens.  Decided that education and reminders are appropriate.

  • Jim Anderson will approach Pat O’Hara about a sand and seed party.

  • Discussed providing Mike Sproat a forum at the next General Meeting for a refresher “new member orientation” to all members.


Handicaps Report:  Rick Eriksson

  • The 1/22/20 posted handicaps will be used for all Club Championship play.

  • Conversion to the WHS caused confusion and stress for many.

  • Listed the people with administrative access to the Admin. Portal (Bennett, Campbell, Eriksson, Hern, Kendall, Eikner, O’Hara) and those with non-administrative access (Farnham, Barsolo, Peskett).

  • Scorecards not signed will still be posted, but unsigned cards will be DQ’d.

  • Discussed golfers without established handicaps.


Monitor Report:  Val Bennett

  • Discussed the format for the Club Championship given tomorrow’s probable frost delay.  One less day of play would reduce winner’s purse.  Possible solutions: smaller purse OR raise last day of play fee to $4.

  • Had a flight discussion. 

  • Switching to Golf Genius will not cost the club any money.


Old Business:

  • Member wanting to be an A all of the time rather than a B.

  • Discussion of slow play.  Mark Gingrich circles the course in the afternoon and has occasionally asked people to catch up with the group ahead of them.


New Business:

  • We’ve lost 5 members because we don’t offer a Green tee flight (Pebblebrook course too long).  Discussed if a green tee flight would speed play.

  • Food Drive for Salvation Army.  Discussed several participation options.


Meeting adjourned at 10:10 A.M.


Submitted by Ken Oliphant, Pebblebrook Men’s Golf Club Secretary