2021 Bylaws 



Article I - General



Section A-The name of the organization shall be PEBBLEBROOK MEN'S GOLF CLUB.


Section B - The purpose of the organization shall be to promote interest in the game of golf and to promote fellowship among the members.


Section C - These Bylaws will fully comply with the Recreation Centers of Sun City West, Inc., Articles of Incorporation, Association Bylaws, and Rules, Regulations and Procedures for Chartered Clubs. In the event of a conflict between these bylaw s and the above stated governing document s of the Recreation Centers, the Recreation Centers' document shall prevail.


Section D - This Chartered Club shall be operated as a nonprofit organization in accordance with applicable Arizona and Internal Revenue Tax Exempt Codes, and the Association Bylaws.


Article II - Membership



Section A - Membership shall be open to all members in good standing of the Recreation Centers.


Section B - There shall be no other precondition for membership, nor will members be required to join any national, state, or regionally affiliated organization.


Section C - Guest Privileges are specified in the Rules, Regulations and Procedures, Chapter 3, Article



  • A Recreation Card Holder Guest may attend three (3) times before being required to join the club .


  • A Non-Recreation Card Holder Guest may attend three (3) times a year.


  • Non-Recreation Card Holders may not be given more privileges than a Recreation Card Holder.
  • Prospective members and guests are not eligible for sweeps, prizes, or awards.



Section D - Dues - The amount of dues for each member will be determined annually on the recommendations of the club board and approved by a majority vote of the club

members attending the meeting after a quorum1 has been established.


Annual dues are payable in advance and shall be paid on or before December 15th of each year to keep continuation of the previous year's handicap. If not paid by December 15, a reinstatement fee will be collected.


Section E - Maintaining Aa Club Charter:


  1. Chartered Clubs must meet a membership participation rate of 75% as measured by monthly CR-4 (Monthly Participation Report) and annual CR-15 (Membership Report).

    Membership participation is the action of taking part in club activities.

    1. 75% of a clubs' membership must have participated in club activities at least once within annual membership period.
    2. Clubs are responsible for recording individual member participation.


  2. A Club Charter is dependent on club membership, membership participation and longevity of existing Club Charter.


Section F - Each member is responsible for monitoring at club facilities per club bylaws.


Section G-The club board initiates periodic (at least annual reviews of club membership to ensure all its members are valid Recreation Card Holders.


Section H - Member Conduct: Members who threaten the safety of themselves or others, are abusive, blatantly create turmoil, disruption, or dissension amongclub members, clubs, or the Association in general may have their club membership temporarily suspended (up to two (2) weeks) by the club.

IMPORTANT: All disciplinary actions must be approved by the Club Board (majority vote 51%), member notified within 5 business days of infraction, documented in club records including CR-16 (scwclubs.com) and copies forwarded to the Recreation Activities Manager and Chartered Clubs Committee Chair.


I.          Verbal warning to member from the Club President and a Board Member sharing details of incident and violation.

  1. Written warning from the Club Board documenting details of incident and violation.



Quorum1 is the minimum attendance at a club membership meeting necessary to conduct elections, to approve bylaws, to approve budgets or to conduct other club business that requires a vote. A quorum shall be ten (10) percent of the club membership. However, a quorum requirement cannot be less than 20 or more than l00 members.

  1. Written notice from the Club Board of temporary club suspension (maximum of two (2) weeks).
  1. Member may appeal a suspension with written notice to the Club Board, Recreation Activities Manager and Chartered Clubs Committee Chair.
  2. Appeal will pause suspension until ruling, member rights and privileges continue until ruling complete.
  3. Appeal is heard at a scheduled meeting with Recreation Activities Manager, Chartered Clubs Committee Chair & other individuals approved by the Recreation Activities Manager.
    1. Member in question and Club President or presiding officer shall present their case.
  1. Ruling will be made based on majority consensus


  2. Recreation Activities Manager will forward appeal ruling to Club Board and Member.


  3. Member may appeal ruling by written notice to the Recreation Activities

    Manager requesting a hearing with the Governing Board. Request is forwarded to the General Manager. Further disciplinary action requests by a Club Board shall be forwarded to the General Manager by the Recreation Activities Mru1.ager with a copy of the disciplinary actions to date.

    1. General Manager may suspend a member up to sixty (60) days.


    2. Club termination may be recommended by the General Manager to the Governing Board.


    3. Severe cases of adverse Club Member behavior may be cause for suspension of Association membership rights and privileges (i.e. Suspension of the RCSCW Recreation Card).
  4. Any suspension or termination of club membership or Association rights and privileges may be recommended to the Governing Board by the General Manager following the same Process of Revocation procedures as described in RR&Ps

Chapter 2, Article VII, C after completion of procedures listed above.



Section I - Members Privileges


All members in good standing shall be entitled to:

  1. Attend meetings of the membership, exercise one (1) vote on all matters coming before the meeting, and shall be eligible to vote for nominees in the election of members of the Club Board.
  2. Participate in golf and social events sponsored by the Club.
  3. Inspect the records kept by the Club at any reasonable time.
  4. Receive a monthly playing handicap.
  5. Receive a copy of the Bylaws upon request.


Article III - Officers


Section A - The affairs and management of the Club shall be under the control of the Club Board, which shall consist of nine (9) members but must consist of at a minimum, four officers: A President, a Vice- President, a Secretary, and a Treasurer. Additional Club Board members can include Chairmen of the following Standing Committees: Handicap, Tournament, Social, Green, Membership, Safety and Audit. Officers appointed to the board will not have voting rights unless they are elected by the membership.


Section B - Newly elected or appointed officers, within fourteen (14) business days of taking office, shall attest that they have read and understand the Association's Rules, Regulations and

Procedures for Chartered Clubs by signing the Form CR-5 (New Club Officers and Rules, Regulations and Procedures for Chartered Clubs Affirmation Report) and forwarding it to the office of the Recreation Activities Manager.


Section C-The Club Board shall be elected by a majority vote of those present at the club's annual membership election meeting after a quorum is established. The elected officers shall serve without compensation.   An officer normally may not serve as an independent contractor-:­ (RR&Ps, Chapter 4, Article VI, L)


Section D-The President shall complete or cause to be completed by assigning such task, Form CR-15 (Annual Membership Roster) as of 12/31 to the office of the Recreation Activities Manger by Feb. 1st


Section E -Terms of office and responsibilities of officers. Any member in good standing is eligible t be elected to the Club Board. The term of office shall be three (3) years. No officer may serve more than three years without one (I)  year absence before running for the Board. All Officers will assume office on the first Monday of the month of January following the December Annual Meeting at which he was elected.

It shall be the duty of the Club Board to appoint, not less than sixty (60) days before

the annual membership meeting in December, a committee of the three (3) to the Nominating Committee. Each shall be a member in good standing and not a member of the Club Board. The Nominating Committee shall select and post their slate of candidates on the bulletin board at the Pebblebrook Golf Course at least one (1) month before the annual meeting in December. The Club Board shall encourage the Nominating Committee to fill the slate of candidates with a minimum of two

  1. candidates for each anticipated vacancy. If the Nominating Committee fails to present a full slate of candidates for election, and the nominations from the floor to the annual membership meeting also fail to fill a slate of at least one (1) candidate for each office, the Club Board shall, by a majority vote, appoint a willing member to serve as a member for a full term of office.


    The President

    • The President shall be primarily responsible to the Club Board for all his acts and shall not have authority to bind the Club except as the Board authorizes him.
    • Preside at all meetings of the Club Board and all meetings of the membership.
    • The president may appoint, with the approval of the Board, special representatives to other agencies that are deemed appropriate.
    • Shall complete or cause to be completed by assigning such task, Form CR-15 (Annual Membership Roster) as of 12/31 to the office of the Recreation Activities Manager by Feb. Ist for the preceding calendar year.


      The Vice-President


    • The Vice- President shall generally discharge the duties of the President in the event of his incapacity or other absence.


      The Secretary


    • The Secretary shall take and record minutes of all meetings of the membership and the Club Board.
    • Keep custody of all official documents of the Club and retain copies of all minutes for at least three (3) years.
    • Be the official correspondent.
    • Post notices and/or notify the Membership of all meetings as required by the bylaws.
    • Preside at meetings in the absence of the President and Vice-President.


      The Treasurer


    • The Treasurer shall be custodian of all funds.
    • Maintain adequate records of all finances and financial transactions of the Club.
    • Make all necessary reports as required by the Club Board and by State and Federal governments.
    • Make expenditures when authorized by the Club Board.
    • Verify the payment of all bills incurred by a member of the Club Board or Chairman of a Committee.
    • Make all disbursements by check.
    • Transfer funds from and to the checking and investing accounts of the club as directed by the Club Board. Investment and investing accounts shall be placed in firms insured by the FDIC or the FSLIC.
      Keep an inventory of all capital equipment belonging to the Club, and make necessary reports to the Recreation Activities Manager.
    • Submit Form CR-7 (annual Financial Statement) to the office of the Recreation Activities Manager by Feb. I for the preceding calendar year.



Section F- Vacancies in Office


  1. Should the President's position become vacant, the Vice-President of the Board will automatically assume the position of the President.
  2. Vacancies occurring on the Club Board shall be filled by the Club Board for the remainder of the term of the officer being replaced. Such appointments will be made from a slate of candidates submitted by the nominating committee appointed by the President. Appointment to a vacancy shall be a majority vote of the Club Board after a quorum has been established at a meeting that shall be a majority vote of the Club Board after a quorum has been established at a meeting that has been published to all Club members.
  3. Disciplining a Club Board member shall be accomplished in no different manner than already provided for in these bylaws. Specifically, an officer may be removed from office as provided for in Article II Membership Section E Suspension or Termination.
  4. The Club Board shall have the power and responsibility to recommend

    such rules and regulations consistent with the Bylaws, as they may deem advisable for the welfare of the Club.

  5. Each Officer shall be bonded as the Board may direct.


Section G-To impeach an officer or fill a vacancy, Roberts Rules of Order must be followed. If the impeachment is successful, the election of a new officer must follow immediately. (This procedure is available from the Recreation Activities Manager.)


Section-H- It is the responsibility of the club president to pass the RR&P book on to their successor.


Article IV - Meetings


Section A - Frequency of Meetings:


There will be a general membership meeting conducted during each quarter of the calendar year.


Regular meetings of the Club Board shall be held at least quarterly. The dates of the regular meeting will be set by the President.


The annual business meeting shall be held in December at which time new Officers will be elected to the Club Board. At least three (3) additional meetings will be held each

calendar year.


Section B - Provisions for Calling and Recording Meetings:


Minutes will be taken by the Secretary to document all business sessions, and approved by

the Club President. Minutes, as well as other pertinent administrative records, will be retained

for a period of three (3) years. Minutes should be available to the membership before the next general membership meeting.


Special meetings of the Club Board may be called at any time by the President or by

three (3) members of the Board. The person or persons authorized to call a special meeting may fix the time and place.


The Secretary shall notify the officers of all special meetings and the purpose of it.


Special meetings of the Membership may be called by a majority of the Club Board or

by ten (10) percent of all members in good standing. Such meetings shall be held in Sun City West.


Written notice of meetings shall be posted on the bulletin board at Pebblebrook Golf Course at least fourteen (14) days before the date of the meeting. The notice shall contain the purpose of the meeting.


Section C - Voting and Quorum Requirements:

A majority of Officers shall constitute a quorum at regular or special meetings of the Board. Membership meetings -   a quorum is the minimum attendance at a club membership meeting necessary to conduct elections, to approve bylaws, to approve budgets or to conduct other club business. There can be no proxy votes. The required majority must be of those present at a meeting specifically called for such purpose. A simple majority is required for all issues except bylaws. To approve bylaws requires a 2/3 majority. A quorum shall be 10 percent of the club membership; however, a quorum requirement cannot be less than 20 members. A club could have in excess of I 00 at a meeting, but the top required limit is 100.


Voting may be done in person, by paper ballot or any generally accepted other technologically assisted solutions and retained in club records.


All meetings shall be conducted in accordance with Robert's Rules of Order. Stated Bylaw provisions take precedence over Robert's Rules. Should any conflict between Robert's Rules and the Bylaws arise, the provisions of the stated Bylaws will prevail.



Article V - Financial


Section A - Financial Records

Financial records shall be retained for a period of seven (7) years (prior to current year).


Section B-Club expenditures

Specified dollar limitations on expenditures of Club funds by other than a vote of

the general membership shall be in the amount of $2000. (Only expenditures of $25 or less can be paid by petty cash). RR&Ps Chapter 4, Article V, B, 4.


No extraordinary expenditures shall be made by an Officer/Officers of the

Club for any purpose in excess of $100 without the approval of the Officers present at a regular or duly called Board meeting.


Check signing privileges shall be limited to the President, Vice President and Treasurer.


Section C - No club member shall receive compensation or financial award from club funds for contributions or service to the club. The only exception is when a member has an independent contractor agreement previously approved by the Recreation Center Activity Manager.


Section D - Financial Records

Financial records must be audited on a yearly basis by individuals other than those elected to the Club Board. The results of the Report of Audit will be presented to the

general membership and duly recorded in the applicable minutes of such meeting. A copy will be provided to the office of the Recreation Activities Manager.


Section E - Club Advertising: Any commercial advertising or flyers of club activities must be in compliance with Association policies.


Section F - Contracts: Any contracts for instructors will be handled in compliance with Chapter 4,

Article VI of RR&Ps. Each contract must be renewed on a

yearly basis and a copy of each sent to the Recreation Activities Manager for approval.


Section G - Treasurers responsibility - The Treasurer is required to submit Form CR-7 (Annual Financial Statement) to the office of the Recreation Activities Manager by Feb. 1st for the preceding calendar year.


Article VI - Committees



Section A- Committees and/or chairpersons may be elected by the general membership or appointed by the Club Board.


Section B - Permanent (standing) committees, at a minimum, will include Safety and Audit.


Section C -   Safety Committee will keep club members appraised of any hazards or impediments to the safety and welfare of Club members while playing golf and participating in Club activities. Notify the course manager of any safety hazards.


Section D - Specify the duties of the Audit Chairman/Committee. (If any additional information is needed to that which is stated in the Sample Bylaws Article V, Section D.)


Section E -Additional committees will be Tournament, Handicap, Green, Membership, Social and AGA representative.

  • Tournament Committee will schedule, arrange, and conduct Club Tournaments during the year.
  • Handicap Committee will communicate with Arizona Golf association and

Pebblebrook Club members to keep track of the posting of accurate handicaps of all members.

  • Greens Committee will represent the member's thoughts and opinions concerning greens conditions to the appropriate Recreation personnel.
  • Membership Committee will keep a current list of members, provide same to AGA, and submit Form CR-15 to the Recreation activities Manager yearly.
  • Social Committee will coordinate social activities as they occur during the year and secure Board meeting locations, places, and times in coordination with the Club Board.
  • Safety Committee will keep club members appraised of any hazards or impediments to the safety and welfare of Club members while playing golf and participating in Club activities.
  • AGA Committee shall communicate with Arizona Golf association to assist club members.


 Article VII - Amendments


To amend the bylaws of this club requires a two-thirds vote of the membership present at a meeting specifically called for such purpose, a quorum being present. Procedures for filing filing amendment(s) are as follows:


  1. The Recreation Centers' Recreation Activities Manager shall review the proposed amendments prior to submittal to the club Membership.


  2. Proposed amendments shall be well publicized to the membership one (1) month prior to the vote. All amendments must be voted upon and approved by a quorum of the membership.


  3. A complete revised set of the club's bylaws will be submitted to the Recreation Centers' Recreation Activities Manager for final review. The amended bylaws require the approval of the Recreation Centers' General Manager prior to implementation. The results and date of the membership vote should be duly noted on the submittal document.

 Article VIII - Dissolution




Prior to club dissolution (after all debts are satisfied), all property and assets shall be turned over to the Recreation Centers.



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 William Schwind   \General Manager            3/11/2021

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